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Dave's Book List
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An Old Friend Of The Family

The Ultimate Enemy

The Veils Of Azlaroc


Brother Berserker

Berserker's Planet

Changeling Earth

Black Mountains

Broken Lands


To The Last Round: The Epic British Stand On The Imjin River, Korea 1951


Writing For Cash: What To Write, How To Write, Where To Sell It


The Body

Last Call

The Far Arena

Voodoo Die

Chained Reaction

Killer Chromosomes

Mugger Blood

Deadly Seeds

Murder's Shield

Union Bust

Death Therapy

Head Men

The Final Death

Holy Terror

Summit Chase

Dr Quake

Cry For The Strangers

Suffer The Children




Day Of The Predator

Enterprise Stardust

The Radiant Dome

The Prometheus Crisis



Pilates: Creating The Body You Want

The Omen

Orbitsville Judgement

Orbitsville Departure

Fugitive Worlds

The Wooden Spaceships

The Peace Machine

Medusa's Children

Night Walk

Fire Pattern


Who Goes Here?

Cosmic Kaleidoscope


Ground Zero Man

Tomorrow Lies In Ambush

Other Days, Other Eyes

The Palace Of Eternity


Blood Contact

The Man In The Maze

Those Who Watch

Earth's Other Shadow

Seed Of Earth

Tower Of Glass

Recalled To Life.



Special Deliverance


A Heritage Of Stars

All Flesh Is Grass

So Bright The Vision

Shakespeare's Planet

Time Is The Simplest Thing

Enchanted Pilgrimage

Time And Again

Way Station

Best Of Clifford D.Simak

Cemetery World

Werewolf Principle

The Night Of Puudly

All The Traps Of Earth

They Walked Like Men


Fair Warning


Thin Air

The World's Greatest Stories Of The Occult

Big Bang

The Code Book: The Secret History Of Codes And Code-Breaking

The Immortal Life Of Henrietta Lacks

Defeat Into Victory (Pan Grand Strategy Series)

Animation Art From Pencil To Pixel : The History Of Cartoon Anime And Cgi

Out Of Space And Time

The Underpeople

Best Of E.E."Doc" Smith

Spacehounds Of Ipc

The Skylark Of Space

Skylark Three

Skylark Of Valeron

Skylark Duquesne

Second Stage Lensman

The Four Day Weekend

Venus Equilateral: Volume Two

Venus Equilateral: Volume One

Venus Equilateral

The Wood

Crabs On The Rampage

Slime Beast

Son Of The Werewolf

Killer Crabs


Station X

The Incredible Melting Man

RHS Good Plant Guide

The Solarians

Iron Dream

Bug Jack Barron

The Genesis Shield

The Empire Of Fear

Invaders From The Centre

Journey To The Centre

Balance Of Power

War Games

The City Of The Sun

Walking Shadow

Wildeblood's Empire

Critical Threshold

The Florians

The Fenris Device

The Paradise Game

Promised Land

Swan Song

Halcyon Drift

Rhapsody In Black

The Days Of Glory

Spanish Phrase Book

World War III

The Wall Of Years

White For Danger

The Red Swastika


And All The King's Men


Earth Abides

The Sunrise Lands

Dies The Fire


The Peshawar Lancers

On The Oceans Of Eternity

Against The Tide Of Years

Island In The Sea Of Time


Marching Through Georgia

Under The Yoke

The Chosen

The Sword

The Lair Of The White Worm

Dracula: The Un-Dead

Full Circle

The Wolfen

The Tick Tock Man

Joyous Invasions

The Worlds Of Theodore Sturgeon

Sturgeon In Orbit

Venus Plus X

The Secret Life Of J Edgar Hoover

The Crusades

Basic Aeronautics For Modellers

The Chilling Stars: The New Theory Of Climate Change

Star Fire


The Dambusters Raid

Code Z

Step-By-Step Outdoor Brickwork

The Seven Daughters Of Eve

The General Strike

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