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Dave's Book List
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Messiah Stone


Aquarius Mission


The Last Dogfight

The Mendelov Conspiracy

Cold Room

The Dogs

The Rule Of Four


Trapp And World War III

A Flock Of Ships


The Auriga Madness

Trapp's Peace

Frenzy Of Merchantmen

The Lost Stars

The Lost Fleet: Beyond The Frontier - Guardian

Lost Fleet: Beyond The Frontier

Rule Of Evidence

Tarnished Knight

The Lost Fleet

The Lost Fleet

The Lost Fleet

Lost Fleet

Stark's War

Stark's Command

Stark's Crusade

Courageous (The Lost Fleet, Book 3)

Fearless (The Lost Fleet, Book 2)

Dauntless (The Lost Fleet, Book 1)

Burden Of Proof

A Just Determination

Against All Enemies

The Moon Is Hell

Demons By Daylight

Earth Unaware

Ender's Game


Ender's Shadow

Speaker For The Dead

Hot Sleep


Earth Afire

Invasion: First Strike

Plague War

Plague Year

Lambda I and Other Stories

New Writings In Science Fiction: No. 21

New Writings In Science Fiction: No. 20

New Writings In Science Fiction: No. 15

New Writings In Sf 12

New Writings In Sf 8

New Writings In Sf-2

R.Z. Alien Speedway

Star Rigger's Way

The National Army Museum Book Of The Turkish Front 1914-18

The 15th Pan Book Of Horror Stories

Html For The World Wide Web

Summoning Light

Casting Shadows

Invoking Darkness

Steel Fist

Lords Of The Middle Dark

A Jungle Of Stars

The Bumper Book Of Ghost Stories

Swampworld West

The Saint Closes The Case

Bug-Eyed Monsters

The Chanur Saga (Chanur)

Finity's End


Heavy Time

Faded Sun

Chanur's Homecoming


Exile's Gate

Chronicles Of Morgaine

Downbelow Station

Forty Thousand In Gehenna

Hunter Of Worlds

Cornish Tales Of Terror

The Monster Club

New York



Cold Fusion

The Nuttall Dictionary Of English Synonyms And Antonyms

The Sexploiters

A Murder Is Announced

The Hollow

The Clocks

The Death Of Grass

Year Of The Comet

The World In Winter

The Possessors

Little People

The Teeth Of The Tiger

Red Rabbit

The Bear And The Dragon

Dette D'honneur

Every Man A Tiger (Commander's)

Rainbow Six

Executive Orders


Without Remorse

Submarine: Guided Tour Inside A Nuclear Submarine

The Sum Of All Fears

Clear And Present Danger

The Cardinal Of The Kremlin

Red Storm Rising

The Hunt For Red October

Patriot Games

Into The Storm: On The Ground In Iraq



Hidden Agendas

Tom Clancy's Net Force

The Night Of The Triffids

The Last Theorem

The Songs Of Distant Earth

2010: Odyssey Two

2061: Odyssey Three

2001 A Space Odyssey

The Fountains Of Paradise

The View From Serendip

Imperial Earth

The City And The Stars

Wind From The Sun

Reach For Tomorrow

Of Time And Stars

Three For Tomorrow

The Best Of Arthur C. Clarke

Report On Planet Three And Other Speculations

Childhood's End

The Trigger

Round The Bend

How Hard Can It Be?

Driven To Distraction

For Crying Out Loud

Don't Stop Me Now

Born To Be Riled

And Another Thing

I Know You Got Soul

The World According To Clarkson

Clarkson On Cars


Journalism For Beginners

Light Years


Still River

Close To Critical

The Best Of Hal Clement

Mission Of Gravity

Cross Current

Humanity's Fire

The Orphaned Worlds

Seeds Of Earth

The Third Eye

The Fifth Horseman


13 Great Stories Of S.F.


Billy Connolly's Route 66


Hunt For Zero Point

Angel, Archangel

The Rough Guide To The Usa

Letter From America

Alistair Cooke's America

Gehlen: Spy Of The Century


Final Flight

Fortunes Of War


The Minotaur

Under Siege

Deep Black (Deep Black 1)

Uncertain Midnight

Five To Twelve

Last Continent

Who Needs Men?

Jupiter Laughs

War Games Of Zelos

Rings Of Tantalus

Burning Mountain

Hastings Conspiracy

Apocalypse Brigade

The Dragon

34 East

Crime Zero

The Miracle Strain

Jesus Factor

Pagan Lord

Death Of Kings

The Fort

The Burning Land


Sword Song

Sharpe's Fury

The Lords Of The North

Pale Horseman

The Last Kingdom

Sharpe's Escape


Sharpe's Havoc


Sharpe's Prey

Sharpe's Devil


Sharpe's Trafalgar

Stonehenge: A Novel Of 2000 BC


Sharpe's Triumph

Sharpe's Fortress


Sharpe's Tiger

The Bloody Ground

Sharpe's Revenge

Enemy Of God

Sharpe's Battle

The Winter King

Battle Flag

Sharpe's Gold


Sharpe's Rifles


Sharpe's Eagle

Sharpe's Waterloo

Sharpe's Enemy

Sharpe's Siege

Sharpe's Regiment

Sharpe's Company

Sharpe's Honour

Sharpe's Sword


The Ice Belt

The Silent World

More What If?

What If?: Military Historians Imagine What Might Have Been

Why Does E=mc[squared]?


The Ice Raid

Dead Hand

Code Of Honour

The Ten Thousand

Trial By Fire

Bright Star

Sword Point

Team Yankee

Black Death


The Drought

Prepare For Action

Palfrey Versus Sons Of Satan


State Of Fear




How To Make Money From Freelance Writing

The Brood

The Citadel

Against The Day

The Widderburn Horror

Good Vibrations: Coast To Coast By Harley

The Legacy

Great British Motor Cycles Of The Sixties

Sacred Stone: A Novel From The Oregon Files

Atlantis Found


Pacific Vortex!



Deep Six

Vixen 03

The Man Who Tasted Shapes

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