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Dave's Book List
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Great Horror Stories

Great Horror Stories

Voodoo Slave

The Galactic Riddle

The Secret Of The Time Vault

Quest Through Space And Time


Art Deco

Footprints Of Thunder

Armies Of Light And Dark

Out Of The Darkness

The Long Night Of Centauri Prime (Babylon 5: Legions Of Fire, Book 1)

Obsidian Alliances (Star Trek Mirror Universe)

Mutiny In Space

The Sun Chemist

The Old Masters

Mutant 59: The Plastic Eaters

Learning Php And Mysql

The First Orbit Book Of Horror Stories

The Blind Watchmaker (Penguin Press Science)

Tackle Sailing

The Goblin Tower

Lest Darkness Fall

The Fallible Fiend

War Breaker


The Triton Ultimatum

The Fall Of The Towers

The Towers Of Toron

Far Boundaries

From Other Worlds

Hot-Blooded Dinosaurs

The Scottish Nation

Minority Report

The Variable Man

Flow My Tears, The Policeman Said

Do Androids Dream Of Electric Sheep?

The Penultimate Truth

The Man In The High Castle

Deus Irae

Young Bleys

Dragon On The Border

Wolf And Iron

Lost Dorsai

The Final Encyclopaedia

The Spirit Of Dorsai

The Earth Lords

None But Man

Chantry Guild


Way Of The Pilgrim

The Forever Man

Time Storm

Hour Of The Horde

Secrets Of The Deep

Masters Of Everon.

Alien Way

Mission To Universe

Far Call

Naked To The Stars (Sphere Science Fiction)

Ancient, My Enemy.

The Outposter

Soldier, Ask Not


Tactics Of Mistake

The Space Swimmers

The Official Rules

The Puppies Of Terra

Echo Round His Bones

"Black Hole"


Atlantis 2: Bermuda Triangle

Scottish Surnames

Creative Writing

Earth Strike

Centre Of Gravity


Moscow Option


The Far Side Of The Stars

With The Lightnings

Hammer's Slammers

Cross The Stars

Birds Of Prey

Operation Fish

The Man With The Tiny Head

Six Days

Skeleton Coast

Advanced Physics

The Scourge


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