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Dave's Book List
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How To Get Published And Make A Lot Of Money

Sigmet Active

Hephaestus Plague


Reign Of Terror


The 5th Mayflower Book Of Black Magic Stories

Chariots Of Fire

The 1st Mayflower Book Of Black Magic Stories

Dolly: My Life And Other Unfinished Business

Usage And Abusage (Popular Penguins)

Jeff Hawke, Book Two

Jeff Hawke: Book 1

Twentieth Century Design Classics


Black Death Reprise

Ambush Force

Sensor Sweep (Stony Man)

Executioner: Friday's Feast

Executioner: Battle Mask

Executioner: War Against The Mafia

Executioner: Continental Contract

Death Squad

The Executioner, Vegas Vendetta

The Executioner, Chicago Wipe-Out

The Executioner, Washington I.O.U

The Executioner: Caribbean Kill

Executioner: Monday's Mob

Executioner: Tennessee Smash

Executioner: Command Strike

Executioner-Canadian Crisis

Programme For A Puppet

The War In 2020

The Golden Boys - A Study Of Watfords Cult Heroes


The Mesmerist

The Return Of Heroic Failures

Their Trade Is Treachery


The Fuzzy Papers

Gunpowder God

Space Viking

Merchants' War

Beyond The Blue Event Horizon

The Cool War

Heechee Rendezvous

The Annals Of The Heechee

Jem The Making Of A Utopia

Survival Kit

Drunkard's Walk


Gladiator At Law

Wonder Effect

The Starchild Trilogy

Future History

Janissaries: Clan And Crown

Republic And Empire (Imperial Stars, Vol 2)

Nebula Winners

A Step Further Out (Volumes 1 & 2)

King David's Spaceship

A Step Further Out (Volume 1)

High Justice

The Mercenary

Janissaries III: Storms Of Victory

Prince Of Sparta

Go Tell The Spartans

graf Spee

Three Days To Never


Vengeance 10

Tunnel War

Hell Shot

The Contract

North Cape

Operation Malacca

The Higher Taste


Unseen Academicals

Making Money


Going Postal

Monstrous Regiment

Night Watch

Thief Of Time

The Truth

The Fifth Elephant

The Last Continent

Carpe Jugulum



Feet Of Clay


Soul Music

Interesting Times

Men At Arms

Lords And Ladies

Small Gods

Reaper Man

Witches Abroad

Moving Pictures

Guards! Guards!





Equal Rites

The Light Fantastic

The Long Earth

Darwin's Watch: Science Of Discworld III

Science Of Discworld II: The Globe

The Science Of Discworld

The Hardest Day

Air Battle Central Europe

Instruments Of Darkness: History Of Electronic Warfare

Dream Of Wessex

Fugue For A Darkening Island

Inverted World

Lois On The Loose

Bmw 7 Series

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