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Dave's Book List
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Secret Armies: The Story Of Special Forces

Pilgrimage To Hell

The Web

The 3rd Fontana Book Of Great Ghost Stories

The Fontana Book Of Great Ghost Stories

6th Fontana Book Of Great Ghost Stories

The 4th Fontana Book Of Great Ghost Stories


Billion Year Spree: History Of Science Fiction

The Penguin Science Fiction Omnibus


Decade: 1950's No. 2

Decade: 1940's No. 1

Encounter With Tiber

Hunting Of Salyut 7

All Our Tomorrows

Crazy Horse And Custer: The Parallel Lives Of Two American Warriors

Audi A8, S8: 1997 - 2003: Repair Manual - DVD

Spectrum 3: A Third Science Fiction Anthology

The Ashes Of Worlds

Metal Swarm

Of Fire And Night

Scattered Suns

A Forest Of Stars

Horizon Storms

Hidden Empire


David Falkayn: Star Trader

Operation Luna

The Boat Of A Million Years

Past Times (Sphere Science Fiction)

Beyond The Beyond

Winter Of The World

Knight Of Ghosts And Shadows


A Circus Of Hells.

Brain Wave

Fire Time.

Flandry Of Terra

Orbit Unlimited

The Long Way Home

The Byworlder.

Satan's World

Time And Stars


The Trouble Twisters

After Doomsday

The Star Fox

Exiles: 3 Novellas

The Penguin Spelling Dictionary

Best Of Soviet Science Fiction (Path Into The Unknown)

The Frozen Planet And Four Other Science-Fiction Novellas

The 6 Fingers Of Time

The Amityville Horror

Chaining The Lady

Vicinity Cluster

Kirlian Quest


Prostho Plus


The Day The Machines Stopped

The Hidden War

Terry Gilliam

The History Of The Science Fiction Magazine - Part Two 1936-1945

Mammoth Book Of Seriously Comic Fantasy

The Currents Of Space

Stars, Like Dust

Foundation And Earth (Foundation)

The Robots Of Dawn

Foundation's Edge (Foundation)


Buy Jupiter And Other Stories

Extraterrestrial Civilizations

Choice Of Catastrophes

The Bicentennial Man And Other Stories

Best Of Isaac Asimov

On Astronomy

The Left Hand Of The Electron

Before The Golden Age Volume 3

The Early Asimov, Volume 3

The Early Asimov: Vol 2

Fantastic Voyage

A Whiff Of Death

Best Of Isaac Asimov

The Gods Themselves

Phule's Company

Bug Wars

Cold Cash War

Baedeker's San Francisco

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