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Dave's Book List
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The Third World War - The Untold Story

Third World War - A Future History

Joshua's Hammer

The Necromancers

The Accidental Time Machine

Peace And War: Forever Peace, Forever Free, Forever War


The Long Habit Of Living

The Forever War

Tool Of The Trade

All My Sins Remembered

Sinkiang Executive

The Chronicles Of The Star Kings. Star Kings Return To The Stars

Gardener's World: Practical Gardening

Fallen Dragon

Empire Of The Clouds

Buying A Home In Florida

The Mars Mystery

Perestroika Christi

Face Of Jalanath


The Frogs Of War

Dunkirk, The Necessary Myth

The Paradox Men

Masada Plan


The Stainless Steel Rat Returns

Stars And Stripes Triumphant

The Stainless Steel Rat Joins The Circus

Stars And Stripes In Peril

The Stainless Steel Rat Goes To Hell

Stars And Stripes Forever

King And Emperor: " The Hammer And The Cross "

The Stainless Steel Rat Sings The Blues

Bill, The Galactic Hero On The Planet Of Tasteless Pleasures

Bill, The Galactic Hero On The Planet Of Zombie Vampires

Invasion Earth

Bill, The Galactic Hero On The Planet Of Bottled Brains

Bill, The Galactic Hero On The Planet Of Robot Slaves

Planet Of No Return

In Our Hands, The Stars

Planet Of The Damned

Prime Number

Plague From Space

Technicolor Time Machine

One Step From Earth

The Stainless Steel Rat Is Born

The Stainless Steel Rat For President

Return To Eden

The Stainless Steel Rat Gets Drafted

Winter In Eden

West Of Eden


Rebel In Time




QE II Is Missing

Stainless Steel Rat Wants You

The Men From P.I.G. And R.O.B.O.T.

Two Tales And Eight Tomorrows

War With The Robots

A Transatlantic Tunnel, Hurrah!

Prime Number

John W Campbell Memorial Anthology

Stainless Steel Rat Saves The World

Four For The Future

Stainless Steel Rat's Revenge

Deathworld 2

Deathworld 3

Make Room! Make Room!

Deathworld 1

The Stainless Steel Rat

Bill, The Galactic Hero


The Turing Option

A Perfect Blood

A Perfect Blood With Bonus Material

Pale Demon

White Witch, Black Curse

Where Demons Dare

The Outlaw Demon Wails

For A Few Demons More

Every Which Way But Dead

Dead Witch Walking

The Good, The Bad And The Undead

A Fistful Of Charms


Centauri Device (Panther Science Fiction)

Thunder Of Erebus

Storming Intrepid

Protect And Defend

Arc Light

Jutland, 1916: Death In The Grey Wastes

The war that never was

Contract Bridge

Mars Underground

The War Of Wars: The Great European Conflict, 1793-1815

Cochrane: The Life And Exploits Of A Fighting Captain

Business Blunders

Warriors: Extraordinary Tales From The Battlefield

Armageddon: The Battle For Germany 1944-45

The Korean War


The Universe In A Nutshell

The Grand Design

The Dark River

The Traveller

Dragonstrike: The Millennium War

The Invasion

Die Hard!: Action From The Napoleonic Wars

The Quebec Plot

The Birds Eye Book Of Britain's Favourite Recipes.Book Two

Most Secret

For Us, The Living: A Comedy Of Customs


The Moon Is A Harsh Mistress

Methuselah's Children

Starman Jones

Beyond This Horizon

Glory Road

Starship Troopers

The Day After Tomorrow

Farnham's Freehold

Unpleasant Profession Of Jonathan Hoag

Orphans Of The Sky

Beyond This Horizon

Green Hills Of Earth

Stranger In A Strange Land

The Puppet Masters

The Best Of Robert Heinlein

Menace From Earth

Between Planets

Door Into Summer

Waldo & Magic Incorporated

Double Star

Red Planet

Designing And Planting Your Garden

Maximum Impact

Harvey Angell

The Green Brain

Soul Catcher

Dragon In The Sea


The Secret Of Crickley Hall



The Ghosts Of Sleath







The Fog

The Spear


The Survivor

The Rats

To Rule The Waves

Edge Of Honour


Dark Wing

The Warbirds

Status ISQ


The Swarm

Warriors And Warlocks

A Place Like Home & Ninety Double Martinis

Stories My Mother Never Told Me Part Two

The Ghost Pirates

Carnacki The Ghost Finder

Carnacki The Ghost Finder

Endgame Enigma

The Proteus Operation

Eye Among The Blind

The Grey Aliens



Macabre Railway Stories


The First New English Library Cross-Figure Puzzle Book

Swords Against Tomorrow

Writers' And Artists' Yearbook 2004

The Last Deception

Sundown At Crazy Horse


The Black Cloud

Rockets In Ursa Major

A For Andromeda

Westminster Disaster

Fifth Planet.

Costume Not Included

The Damned Busters

Japanese High Seas Fleet

Empty Cradles

Send Him Victorious

Rules Of Engagement

Slugs ;: Spawn ; Erebus


Fife, The Mining Kingdom

The Lost Continent

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