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Dave's Book List
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Skylark Mission

The Highest Ground

Tales Of Horror And The Supernatural: V. 2

Tales Of Horror And The Supernatural

Star Trek: Mirror Universe : Glass Empires



Ice Station Zebra

The Watcher

The Light Ages

Learning The World

Newton's Wake

Engine City

Dark Light

Cosmonaut Keep

The Emerald Elephant Gambit

Slaughter Horse

Ghosts Of Gol

Galactic Alarm


The Man Who Owned The World

Summit Cooking In Colour

Storm Over Saturn

Ghosts Of Manhattan

The Osiris Ritual

The Affinity Bridge

The Penguin Writer's Manual (Penguin Reference Books)

3 In 1

The Shadow Project

Unbroken: Story Of A Submarine

The Gaudi Key




Night Warriors

Revenge Of The Manitou

The Wells Of Hell

Charnel House

Devils Of D-Day

The Djinn


Somewhere In Time


I Am Legend

Constructing An Astronomical Telescope

May on Motors

Cowboy Angels


The White Dragon

To Ride Pegasus


The Ship Who Searched

Bethany's Sin


Make Money Freelance Newswriting

The Man From U.N.C.L.E. - The Vampire Affair

The Secret Of Excalibur (Nina Wilde/Eddie Chase 3)

The Hunt For Atlantis


The Engines Of God


The Amulet

The Chinese Ultimatum

Html5 In Easy Steps

Css In Easy Steps

Html In Easy Steps


Php In Easy Steps

Norman Conquest, 2066

This Is The Way The World Begins

Wrath Of Khan


The Fury From Earth

Right Hand, Left Hand

Battle Cry Of Freedom

Storm Born

Succubus Blues

Resurrection Day

1434: The Year A Chinese Fleet Sailed To Italy

1421: The Year China Discovered The World

The Timeliner Trilogy: At The Narrow Passage, No Brother, No Friend, Vestiges Of Time

We All Died At Breakaway Station

Writing To Sell

The Century Of Warfare

The Penguin Dictionary Of Modern Humorous Quotations


Michelin Travel Guide Usa West (Michelin Green Guides)

A Canticle For Leibowitz

View From The Stars

Conditionally Human

The Jupiter Theft

Independence Day: Silent Zone

The White Rajah

Enigma: The Battle For The Code

Command Decision (Vatta's War)

Engaging The Enemy (Vatta's War)

The Serrano Legacy: Hunting Party, Sporting Chance, Winning Colours.

Moving Target (Vatta's War)

Trading In Danger (Vatta's War)

Speed Of Dark

Once A Hero (The Serrano Legacy)

Hunting Party (The Serrano Legacy)

Colony Earth

Elric Of Melnibone (Tale Of The Eternal Champion)

The Ice Schooner

The Oak And The Ram

The Bull And The Spear

The Sleeping Sorceress

The Singing Citadel

The Eternal Champion

Stealer Of Souls


Northwest Smith

We Were Soldiers Once...And Young: The Battle That Changed The War In Vietnam

Dude, Where's My Country?

Dude, Where's My Country?

Stupid White Men: ...And Other Sorry Excuses For The State Of The Nation

Downsize This

The Observers Book Of Astronomy

Bring The Jubilee

Cold Sea Rising

Thunder Of Stars

Mind Trap

Several Minds

Seed Of Stars

Rambo: First Blood Part II

The Roswell Conspiracy

Flesh Eaters

Ship Of Death

Methil - No More!

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