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There comes a time when people want to read a story with
a presentation befitting the quality of the story.

tachras [gaelic, 'winding yarn'] has been created to provide
a setting for stories or poetry that deserve more than a
simple post in a forum.


The original intention was to cover a wider spread of
Scottish culture, and in more detail. To provide educational
articles for the newcomer to Scottish ways. Encourage
historical insights and give a richer picture of Scotland
through the ages.
And give authors a chance to write the fiction that has
always given a keener view of the Scottish heart and soul
than mere facts can give.

As many of our readers will have noticed, some of our
authors live in places, other than Scotland - England, France and the United States of America - and the mix is flavoured with many a distant locality.

Contributions are be sought from a wide variety of sources. tachras is looking for interesting and thought provoking features and stories from around the world. We are particularly interested in local work in the local dialect, whether it be Methil or Mainah, Glesca or Gullah.

In addition, articles and stories previously published elsewhere, that readers may find interesting, will be published here, with the author's permission.

People's experiences in tracing their Scottish connections - successful or otherwise! - we want to hear about them. Great little stories that make Scotland real for people who are Scots by descent, but have never touched our shores. And stories from places that we may never visit, but will be real for the reading.

     We all like a guid read.

This website is currently a work in progress.

Drop me a line at


if you require more information.

Thank you.

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