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Dave's Book List
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Doc Savage: His Apocalyptic Life

The Gate Of Time

Blood Oath

Edge Of The Sword

The Fury

The Great Boer War (Wordsworth Military Library)

Fisherman's Hope (Seafort Saga)

Measuring The Universe: The Historical Quest To Quantify Space

Empire: How Britain Made The Modern World

Right Plant, Right Place: Over 1400 Selected Plants For Every Situation In The Garden

The Penguin Dictionary Of Proverbs

QED - The Strange Theory Of Light And Matter

Where Soldiers Fear To Tread

The Suffolk We Live In

Invasion Of The Body Snatchers

William Wallace

The Pack

Intimate Secrets Of A Magazine Writer

Operation Sea Lion - An Account Of The German Preparations And The British Counter-Measures

Ring Of Fire II


1634: The Galileo Affair


Ice, U700, Churchill's Gold


The Doomsday Ultimatum

Year Of The Golden Ape


The Cauldron

Cover Story


The Stockholm Syndicate

The Leader And The Damned

The Ringway Virus

Fleet Action

The Lost Regiment


The Negotiator

Fourth Protocol

Terminator Salvation

The Spoils Of War

The False Mirror

Call To Arms

To The Vanishing Point


The Tar-Aiym Krang

The End Of The Matter

Orphan Star



Threat Warning Red

Watching The English: The Hidden Rules Of English Behaviour

The Dark Forest

Terminator 1

The Complete Mcauslan

Best-Ever Pasta

The Sky Block


Reader's Digest Repair Manual: The Complete Guide To Home Maintenance

Book Of The Werewolf

The List Of Seven

Wrath Of The Lemming-Men

God Emperor Of Didcot

Space Captain Smith

A Game Of Battleships


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