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Dave's Book List
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The Sunset Patriots

Choke Point

Silent Hunter

First Salvo

Show Of Force

Coreldraw! Quick Reference

The Complete Idiot's Guide To Hypnosis

The Sirius Mystery.

Of Men And Monsters

Free Flight

First Strike

Firefox Down

The Bear's Tears

All The Grey Cats

Winter Hawk

Sea Leopard

Snow Falcon


Battle For Singapore



The Amtrak Wars: Earth Thunder

The Amtrak Wars: First Family

The Amtrak Wars: The Iron Master

The Amtrak Wars: Blood River

The Amtrak Wars: Death Bringer

The Amtrak Wars: Cloud Warrior


The Sixth Battle

Judgement Of Jupiter

The Cowboys

Ten Thousand Light Years From Home

The Hobbit

The Fall

Frozen Planet


The Cosmozoids

The Official Highway Code

Mind The Gaffe: The Penguin Guide To Common Errors In English

The Ants

Antonov Project

An Introduction To Geology

The Year Of The Quiet Sun

The Time Masters

Suez 1956

The Writer's Handbook

Beloved Son

Supervolcano: All Fall Down

Supervolcano: Eruption

The War That Came Early

Hitler's War

The Man With The Iron Heart

The United States Of Atlantis

After The Downfall

Settling Accounts: In At The Death

Opening Atlantis

End Of The Beginning

Settling Accounts: The Grapple

Curious Notions

Days Of Infamy

Out Of The Darkness

Settling Accounts: Return Engagement

Homeward Bound

Settling Accounts: Drive To The East

American Empire: The Victorious Opposition

Jaws Of Darkness

Gunpowder Empire

In The Presence Of Mine Enemies

American Empire: The Centre Cannot Hold

Ruled Britannia

American Empire: Blood And Iron

Rulers Of The Darkness

Through The Darkness

Great War: Breakthroughs

Colonisation: Aftershocks

Through The Darkness

Into The Darkness

The Great War: Walk In Hell

Colonisation: Down To Earth

Colonisation : Second Contact

Tale Of The Fox

Darkness Descending

The Great War: American Front

A World Of Difference

Alternate Generals

How Few Remain

Worldwar: Striking The Balance

Worldwar: Upsetting The Balance

World War: Tilting The Balance

Worldwar: In The Balance

The Guns Of The South

Krispos 1: Krispos Rising

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