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Dave's Book List
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Good Omens

Project Barrier

The Lost Perception

The Last Leap And Other Stories Of The Super-Mind

Black May

Colossus: Bletchley Park's Greatest Secret

For Special Services


Deep Cover

The Passing Of Gloria Munday

Heil Harris

Unwise Child

Too Many Magicians

The Case Of Robert Quarry

The City


Who Dares Wins: History Of The Special Air Service



Flying Sorcerers


Stealing Light

The Glendower Legacy

Gettysburg: A Novel Of The Civil War


Frankenstein Meets Dracula

The Empire Strikes Back

Alien Base

No Man Friday

First Through Time

Fire In The Abyss

Time Travel In Einstein's Universe

Gadget Man

The Complete Plain Words

Down To A Sunless Sea

The Geek Atlas: 128 Places Where Science And Technology Come Alive

"X-Files": Goblins

The Penetrators

Raising Atlantis

Conscience Interplanetary

Daemons Are Forever

The Spy Who Haunted Me

The Man With The Golden Torc

Haunting The Nightside

Into The Nightside

The Dark Heart Of The Nightside

Deathstalker Coda

Isaac Asimov Presents Great Science Fiction 01

The Elegant Universe

In Search Of The Edge Of Time

The Jester

The Listeners

This Fortress World

The Immortals

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