Ambush Force
Don Pendleton
Gold Eagle (2008)
In Collection
Bolan, Mack (Fictitious Character), Intelligence Officers, Suspense Fiction, Terrorism
Mass Market Paperback 9780373643547
When an elite branch of U.S. Army Rangers are beheaded and burned in Afghanistan, fi ngers point to the Taliban. But Mack Bolan suspects otherwise. He's betting it was an inside job. But why? And, more importantly, whose hands are covered in Ranger blood?Looking for answers—and payback—Bolan goes undercover with a private security company based in Afghanistan. Immersed in the cutthroat world of hired assassins and a carefully hidden plot to offer up mercenaries and liberators alike to the highest bidder, Bolan finds himself in deeper than ever before. The Executioner will need to work fast—before he becomes the next casualty.
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Dewey 813
Series The Executioner
Cover Price £4.99
No. of Pages 192
Height x Width 152 x 104  mm
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