There are no daffodils here
No clouds or red, red roses
Sometimes there isn't even rhyme
Which is probably a good job as it is incredibly difficult to make a verse that ends with 'poses'.



I sit here, quietly waiting
for the door that never opens.
and my eyes are tired and weary
from the sun that never shines.
I feel an emptiness inside.
There is but me and loss of pride
I call across the great divide ...

I need the help of other minds.

And so I wait around in vain
Give my number and my name
It will all end up the same!

No one talks.

Just a machine.

To See Others

Who do they see
when they look through the window?
Do they see nothing
or do they see me?
Am I the truth or merely reflection?
Confirming themselves
in the image they see.

The Social

Babbie, ye're pair
An yer man, he isnae workin
An the hoose it needs a cleanin
Cause the Social wifie's comin
An ye widnae hae her see a speck o dirt

So ye bend
An dae the scrubbin
Wash the flair an dae the rubbin
Till the windaes shine,an then some
An there's naebody tae say ye arenae clean

Then she comes
An disapprovin
Face richt soor
An cauld, unmovin
Sniffs an pokes
Intae the corners
Lifts the rugs
Inspects the borders

Turns ye doon
An here's the reason
If ye're clean
An hae some pride
The ye dinnae need the money
Claim rejected!
'nt it funny

Them that's got
Get a' the money
Them that h'snae
Dae get onny
An the reason's aye the same ...

"Ye've got faur too much
An it w'd jist be wasted
We're keepin it
Fur them that needs it!"

But them that needs it
Never see it.

A Loving, Not Returned

I have spent my life in searching
For a fate I do not know
Seeking love or fear or friendship
Seeking answers
Finding none

You inform me, I am foolish
And you tell me what I need
All the gifts that God gave to you
Gave to you
But not to me

Find the answers in another!
Find a lover, hold them close!
But for every hand that held mine
I have wounds
The scars don't show

I have loved so many others
Some unknown and far away
Some so close, I could have held them
For a moment
For a day

I have loved the ones who hate me
I have loved the ones that care
Not for me, but for another
I exist
For one more day

Will there ever come the moment?
Will it ever be my day?
Will I ever find another?
Someone searching
Just for me

Just for now
I'll keep on looking

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What's the point in coming second
When the first gets all the prize?
I need a job - I don't need medals!
Don't need praise
And don't need lies
I would steal to feed my children
When there's hunger in their eyes.

The Lost Bairns

And which wan are you?
Ye look weel kent
Ah'm shair that ah've seen ye afore
      Ah'm David ...
That's richt, so ye are noo!
An wha's that there wi' ye?
Yer pal?
      It's ma brither ...
Ye ken, it's a truth
He's jist like you
Th'gether like peas in a pod!
      Ah'm Angus
Let me tell yis
Tae yer mum
Ye're a credit
She must've brocht yis up weel
Tae yis baith
Here's a shiny new penny
Ye c'n spend it
On the wey tae the skale

So awa, cause I'm tired and I'm weary
An my auld e'en are no quite the same
Ah wis young wance
  wi' twa bairns jist like ye
Though ah canny quite
  picture their names
An ah'm shair
  that ye baith look jist like them
So which wan
  will tell me yer name?

Legal Process

Let's have a Law!
Have a jolly new Law
Let's get another one passed!
May be this time
We'll make it a crime
For Justice to always come last!

Aw Gang Awa

Ah'd been workin kinda hard
An ah thocht ah'd hae a break
So wi money in mah pockets
An a hunger where it coonts
There wis really nuthin fur it but a meal ...
Big wan, eatin oot, kinda posh.

So ah put awa mah shovel
Changed it fur a knife and fork
An instead o dungarees n bits
Ah washed an wore a suit
When ye're gaun oot celebratin ...
Look guid, never ken, micht get lucky.

Got the menu an ah read it
Case there wis a bit ah'd missed
Ordered tauties - mashed - an sausage
Wi the neeps, the beans, the bacon
Efter a', it's on the menu ...
Same wi ingins, chips an peas.

Ah sat doon but fore ah started
Let mah buckle oot a notch
Wance ah'd started, ah wid finish
Nowt wid stop me, in mah task
The thing aboot eatin oot is this ...
They like tae see ye eatin!

Fork in wan haund, Knife in t'ither
Ah wis jist aboot tae start
When ah heard the pipes a'playin
An the drums beat in the street
They wis playin 'Scotland the Brave' ...
Ah jist h'd tae staund, only right.

Ah could hear the soond o heroes
Fechtin wars fae long ago
And the pipes were tellin stories
O the wan we lost an so
Ah stood there, haund on mah heart ...
Ah hae t'say it. There wis a tear in mah ee.

Noo they're gaun, the battles over
An the flooers are wi'ed awa
Ah sat doon tae start mah eating
Ah'd worked hard tae earn, an so
Nane wis mair surprised than me ...
It wis gone! The food wis. The plate wis still there!

Lookin up, ah looked aroond me
Ah looked oot an up the street
Ah could hear the baund still playin
Beatin oot the last retreat
The baund mascot wis the biggest dug ah'd ever seen ...
Ah'll swear it turned aroond an smiled at me.
It never even sayed thanks ...

But it didnae half swagger tae the pipes ...

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