Vulcan 607
Rowland White
Bantam Press (2006)
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Falkland Islands War, 1982, Falklands Islands War, 1982, History / Europe / Great Britain, History / Military / Other, Vulcan (Jet Bomber)
Hardcover 9780593053911
The dramatic account of the last British bomber raid — the long-range attack on Stanley airfield that opened the Falklands War.Before dawn on May 1st, 1982, a lone RAF Vulcan B2 bomber made its way towards the runway at Port Stanley airport. It was aiming to strike the first blow of Britain’s campaign to retake the Falklands. The flight was the culmination of a huge military effort and was the longest-range attack in aviation history. It was also the last time that the RAF flew heavy bombers into combat, before the old techniques and equipment were replaced with the digital, fly-by-wire, precision-guided weaponry of modern warfare. When war broke out, the Vulcan was already facing retirement. The aircraft had to be completely overhauled, and the story of how a seemingly endless list of problems and unexpected difficulties was overcome is a story of true British ingenuity.The mission came perilously close to disaster. Two Vulcan bombers took off in the late evening of April 30th to begin a twelve-hour round trip to the Falklands. Within minutes of take-off, the lead Vulcan was forced to turn back because of mechanical difficulties, leaving Vulcan 607 and her crew alone to undertake a mission. Vulcan 607 is the dramatic retelling of this singular mission. Using extensive interviews with the combatants, residents of Stanley, and military command, Rowland White has reconstructed the flight and its preparation in gripping detail.
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