The Leader
Guy Walters
Headline Book Publishing (2004)
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Paperback 9780755300587
In his chilling new thriller Guy Walters turns his attention to Britain in the late 1930s and early 1940s. Edward VIII has not abdicated but reigns with Queen Wallis. His PM - and the man who really rules Britain - is Oswald Mosley; the two of them are hand in glove with Adolf Hitler. Winston Churchill, along with his supporters, is interned on the Isle of Man. Only one man can save Britain from the hands of the fascists and allow the country to take a stand against the evil that stalks Europe: Armstrong, a hero of the First World War, has escaped from his Manx prison and rowed to the Scottish mainland. His mission now: to draw together the scattered resistance to fascist rule, and destroy the repugnant regime Mosley has built on British soil.
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Dewey 813
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